In this issue: Howard Terminal EIR, Great Plates Expansion, Stay Safe with the 5 W's, Free Employment Training, FUSE Fellows, CORE Town Halls, Flex Streets Survey, Eliminating Local Contracting Disparities, Upcoming Meetings & Events
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February 26, 2020
In this issue: Howard Terminal EIR, Great Plates Expansion, Stay Safe with the 5 W's, Free Employment Training, FUSE Fellows, CORE Town Halls, Flex Streets Survey, Eliminating Local Contracting Disparities, Upcoming Meetings & Events
City of Oakland Publishes Draft EIR on Waterfront Ballpark at Howard Terminal
Today the City of Oakland published the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on the Oakland Ballpark Waterfront District Project (the proposed Howard Terminal ballpark development) in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). CEQA requires state and local agencies to identify the significant environmental impacts of their actions and to avoid or mitigate those impacts, if feasible.

The Howard Terminal mixed-use project may include: a ballpark with a capacity of up to 35,000 individuals, up to 3,000 residential dwelling units, up 1.5 million square feet of commercial space, up to 270,000 square feet of retail space, a hotel with up to 400 rooms, a performance venue with a capacity of up to 3,500 individuals, and parks.
Great Plates Delivered Program Doubles Through Partnership with Off the Grid
Off the Grid (OTG), has partnered with Oakland to double the City’s Great Plates Delivered program, bringing free, high-quality, locally sourced meals to seniors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective immediately, 100 percent more participants are being accepted into the extension of Oakland’s Great Plates Delivered program, which was implemented last Spring as a result of the global pandemic, and had delivered more than 1 million meals within the first six months.

Qualified participants include older adults in the Oakland community who need access to free healthy, nutritious meals and meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 65 or older, as well as older adults who are aged 60-64 and in high-risk categories (i.e., people who have received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, have been exposed to COVID-19, or who have underlying health conditions).
  • Unable to obtain or make their own meals.
  • Living alone or with one other adult who also meets these criteria.
  • Earning less than $74,940 for a single-person household or $101,460 for two-person households.
  • Not currently receiving food assistance from other state or federal nutrition assistance programs.
We're All Doing Our Part
Over the past year, we’ve all taken steps to protect each other and #StopTheSpread of COVID-19. Every day and every action counts. To help #EndThePandemic and stay safer, follow the 5 W’s. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Wait to gather. And when it’s your turn, get vaccinated.
City Launches Free Employment Training Platform
The City of Oakland’s Workforce Development Board has launched a free, online skills training platform offered by Metrix Learning. Taking courses can help Oaklanders improve a wide variety of skills, earn industry certificates, launch into new careers or advance up the career ladder. Metrix Learning offers more than 5,000 courses leading to over 180 industry certificates, with online classes in English, Spanish and Cantonese. Accessible 24/7, the self-paced courses allow users to take the classes when it is convenient for them. This training resource is available to any Oakland resident or business owner. Register at:
City of Oakland Welcomes Four FUSE Fellows to Advance Equitable Recovery and Resilience
The City of Oakland welcomes its first cohort of Equitable Recovery FUSE Fellows, a fully-funded partnership with FUSE Corps to bring in executive-level fellows for one-year projects that promote equitable recovery and resilience. The first four FUSE Fellows’ 12-month engagements run through March 2022.

The FUSE fellows will be embedded in the City Administrator’s Office, Economic & Workforce Development Department and the Office of Mayor Libby Schaaf. Working alongside City leaders and staff, the fellows will bring new approaches, diverse perspectives, community-based solutions, and added capacity to tackle pressing challenges around equitable access to City services, economic growth, and education.
Make Your Voice Heard!
Help Oakland Communities Respond to Emergencies
Our Emergency Management Services Division is launching a Virtual Town Hall series focused on overall community preparedness, with a focus on the CORE program and the Local Hazard Mitigation Planning process.

  • Sunday, February 28, 2021; 2:45pm – 4:15pm
  • Tuesday, March 9, 2021; 6:30pm - 8pm

Also provide input into the Survey for Local Hazard Mitigation Plan by 3/9.
Share your thoughts on Flex Streets
To help Oakland small businesses operate under County Health Orders, the City streamlined permit processes for use of sidewalks, parklets, streets and more for outdoor dining, retail sales and personal services. As we look to the future, we want community feedback on the Flex Streets Initiative. Take a brief online survey at or text FLEX to (510) 380-7360.

Eliminating Local Contracting Disparities
The City of Oakland is working to eliminate local contracting disparities. Our diverse local businesses are encouraged to take the the Contracting Disparities Survey today to help us develop solutions together. 
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